CTO – Water treatment (M/F) (Permanent contract)

Intitulé du projet : CTO – Water treatment (M/F) (Permanent contract)

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Vendredi, 9 mars, 2018
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Adoc Talent Management is recruiting a Chief Technical Officer who will join the adventure as a partner for its client, a startup that aims to solve the problem of water in the world. The ambition is threefold: to stop the industrial effluents, to democratize new sources of water supply and to develop access to drinkable water, without energy, in rural and remote areas.

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Are you passionate about the problems of access to drinkable water? Do you want to put your knowledge of chemistry at the service of people suffering from water-related diseases? By joining this fast-growing startup, you will be in charge of understanding current technologies and developing new ones to solve the water problem by multiplying the possibilities of access to drinkable water everywhere in the world.

After being trained to the specific technologies of the company, and its associated patents, by employees in India and the United States, you will have different missions:

  • You will develop and adapt membrane filtration solutions for the treatment of wastewater.
  • You will perform research on the topic of deep water desalination and develop prototypes to create underwater farms for freshwater production.
  • You will propose innovative solutions to answer water access issues and you will continue to develop the range of products of the company.

Moreover, as a partner, you will contribute to the company's development strategy in collaboration with the other two partners.

Profil : 

You have a PhD (or possibly an engineering degree / master's degree) in water treatment chemistry, with knowledge of reverse osmosis and new desalination technologies.

You have a few years of experience on these topics, either as a postdoctoral researcher or in the industry, preferably with knowledge of membrane fouling problems.

You are fluent in English.

With an entrepreneurial spirit, you want to get involved in the long run in the development of innovative technologies for water treatment.

Open-minded and creative, you do not see the problems and would rather explore the endless solutions!

Interested? Please send your application (CV + list of publications and diplomas + cover letter + salary requirements) to Adoc Talent Management (www.adoc-tm.com)