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The Recruitment Division is driven by a team specialised in search and evaluation of high-level skills and competencies. The team includes PhDs from various disciplines (life sciences, cognitive sciences, education science, ...) and professionals in HR and work psychology. We assist all types of companies –in a broad spectrum of practices – in their recruitment for various positions from expert positions to top management.
Our consultancy activity covers the whole recruitment process, from the identification of the company’s need to the follow up and integration of the candidate. Our know-how is based on specific methodologies adapted to the particularities of doctorate holders’ profiles. We combine traditional sourcing methods used in recruitment agencies (an internal CV-database of 40 000 profiles, general and specific job boards, social networks, etc.), and methodologies of bibliographic search (watch, data analysis of scientific databases, publications, patents, dissertations, conferences, partnering researcher’s networks, scientific networks and laboratories or research centres).